Kaitlin Hardy

Kaitlin's Congress Sessions

9:45 - 10:45am
Curriculum Development For Gymnasts With Disabilities
Sunday All
Presenter(s): Kaitlin Hardy
Session Summary

Working with children with disabilities provides the unique opportunity to tailor lesson plans to meet individual goals that extend beyond gymnastics without the need to prioritize progressing through the sport above all else. Prior to enrollment in our program, all families fill out a “Participation Modification Plan” focused on goal setting. While many athletes will naturally progress through the sport, most parents desire a focus on building friendships, developing language skills, and gaining independence. To maintain happy athletes and happy parents, curriculum design for inclusive programs needs to include activities that reflect these individual goals.

In this lecture we will discuss: Taking an evidence based medicine approach to designing gross and fine motor development stations; Incorporating social skills for children with autism into gymnastics based lesson plans; Family based goal-setting and expectation management for children with disabilities.