Add On Courses

R301: Brain and Body: Beyond Basics

R301: Brain and Body: Beyond Basics
Saturday, June 29 – 2:00-6:30p.m.
Reaching beyond simple drills and games, this course provides a better understanding of the process of learning. Topics covered include the developmental stages of self-perception, levels of thought, learning styles, motor learning, motor development and the theory of muscle memory, as well as understanding the Autism spectrum and other special needs. Perfect for preschool, recreational, developmental coaches, directors, owners and team coaches.
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Women's Artistic Judging Exams

Women’s Level 8/9/10 Judging Exams
Saturday, June 29 – 1:30-2:45p.m.
WAG Judges’ Level 8/9/10 Practical exams will be offered on Saturday, June 29, start time 1:30p.m.
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