Brandi Smith, PT, FAAOMPT, OSC

Brandi's Congress Sessions

8:30 - 9:30am
To Brace, or Not to Brace: Is Using Common Bracing Helping or Harming?
Sunday Athlete Health & Wellness
Session Summary

We will bust all the myths about bracing! Wait, bracing causes my athlete to be weak….RIGHT?!?!?  Teaser: proper bracing for the proper issue can make your athlete STRONGER! There is evidence that the use of tiger paws promotes poor biomechanics, decreased weight bearing tolerance, diminished performance and can contribute to increased pain. We will discuss: When is bracing appropriate? Who should brace? In what situation to brace? What brace to use for the most common issues (Ankle, knee, back, wrist)? How to know a brace is helpful, simple tests for the athlete to do to see if a brace is needed and best for them? When to stop using a brace?