August 25-27, 2023
San Jose, California

Ninja! Space? Equipment? Curriculum?

Safety and Supervision in the Gym

We’re ALL on the Same Team: Dev, Xcel, High School, College – Let’s Work Together!

Ten Key Factors for Success in Gymnastics

Developing Flexibility In Your Athletes: Safe and Effective Techniques from a Rhythmic Gymnastics Perspective

Teaching Musicality and Expression: For All Disciplines With Music!

Unique Ways to Foster Growth and Stand Out from Other Clubs Around You

Floor: Round-Off Back Handspring

The Biomechanics of Championship Vaulting

Understanding the Cruise and How it Applies to Advanced Twisting Skills

Trampoline Games for ALL Disciplines!

Trampoline for All! Specifics of Rebound Therapy and How it Can Add Income to Your Club!

Advanced Trampoline Drills for ALL Disciplines (Incorporating Trampoline Elite Mobility Drills)

Beginning Trampoline Drills for ALL Disciplines

Progressions and Drills on Trampoline for Twisting for ALL Disciplines

Advanced Spotting on Trampoline (Double Somersaults) for ALL Disciplines

Basics of Spotting on Trampoline (Up to Back Full Twist) For ALL Disciplines

Building Blocks to Aerial Mastery: The Power of Solid Trampoline Basics in Advanced Gymnastics Skills

Make Warm-Ups FUN!

Teaching a Press Handstand the Acrobatics Way!

Hands on Spotting: Levels 5-7 and Xcel Gold-Diamond

Hands on Spotting: Flyaways, Clear Hip Circles and Tumbling

Hands on Spotting: Kips and Beam Skills

Hands on Spotting: Round-Off, Flip Flop, Back Tuck