August 25-27, 2023
San Jose, California

The College Recruiting Process: Tips for Club Coaches to Help Their Gymnasts Navigate the Process

Back to Basics – All Events

Safety and Supervision in the Gym

We’re ALL on the Same Team: Dev, Xcel, High School, College – Let’s Work Together!

Xcel Beam: Warm-Ups and Complexes

Level 7/8 Floor Excerise Practice Judging

Xcel Mysteries & Uh-Ohs

Compulsory Floor: Applying the “Throught the Exercise” Deductions

Uneven Bars: Perfecting Pirouettes and Turns

Keeping their Head in the Game: Helping Athletes Return from Injury

Vault Level 6/7: What do you See? A Coach/Judge Perspective

Vault: Developing the Yurchenko

Are Your Corrections Working? Here’s What You May Need to Change

T&T JumpStart Testers Workshop & Accreditation

Developing Flexibility In Your Athletes: Safe and Effective Techniques from a Rhythmic Gymnastics Perspective

Learn About The Competitive Blocks Program

The Many Benefits of Hosting Birthday Parties in Your Gym

Wait, Conditioning Can Be FUN?!

Preschool Gymnastics is MOVEMENT!

Annual Reviews: Helping Your Staff to Stay with YOU!

Pre-School and Recreational Trampoline That Beats All!

From Future Stars to Kolman: Developmental High Bar for Junior Elite

High Bar Shaping & Basics for Optional Success

Ninja Classes That Fit Your Fabulous Business!

Trampoline Games for ALL Disciplines!

How to Train Dynamic Shaping with the Band Technique

Floor: Front Tumbling Essentials

Make Warm-Ups FUN!

Learn the Basic Foundational Skills of NCAA Acrobatics & Tumbling

How to Start an Acrobatics & Tumbling Program

Deciding How Much to Charge: A Critical Decision All Clubs Owners Face

General Business Practices for an Ever-Changing Environment: How to Keep Yourself and Your Employees Safe!

Flip Your Waiting List Into a Revenue Stream and Improve Your Bottom Line

Coaches and Parents Working as ONE

Female Athlete Triad and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S): What is it and Why Are Gymnasts at Risk?

Demanding or Demeaning: Understanding the Grey Areas of Coaching Today’s Athlete