August 25-27, 2023
San Jose, California

Event Date & Time

Event dates are Saturday, August 8-Sunday, August 9.

First lecture of each day begins at 1:00 p.m. EST and lasts lecture of the each begins at 6:00 p.m. EST

Please note, that the Accelevent website will display the date/time to reflect the individuals timezone to help better know the start time of your lecture.

As an example;  If USAG communicated with you that your started at 1:00 p.m. the Accelevent website will convert that into the timezone in which you reside.

You can confirm your specific lectures date/time by logging into the Accelevent website and clicking on My Talks.   To reiterate,  Accelevent site is displaying the lecture in timezone in which you reside. So, when you are logged into the Accelevent platform, and you are viewing your “talks” the times listed are reflecting the correct time for which you are to start your lecture

There is a 15 minute break between each lecture.

Presenter Expectations

As a reminder, while the presenters may not be able to see the attendees, the presenter will be visible to the attendee at all times during their presentation.  Therefore, all presenters are:

  • Respectfully requested to ensure that the presentation is delivered  an environment free of background noise or other distractions
  • Requested to be in a professional manner of dress and appearance.
  • To be logged into the “virtual backstage” of their presented at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their event

In addition, presenters are recommended and encouraged to:

  • If possible, utilize two monitors OR use a monitor large enough to allow the presenter to view multiple windows from one screen.  Click here to learn how you may be able to use your iPad as a second display monitor.
  • Practice with the accelevent platform and displaying their presentation prior to the date of the event.

All Access Pass:

  • Presenters will be provided access to attend all lectures.
  • Accelevents will send a separate email to you once you have been given access to register for lectures.
  • Please note, you will use the same username/password that you have already created to access your lectures. You have just been awarded viewing privileges to attend other lectures that are not your own.

Room Monitors/Volunteer

Each presenter will be provided a room monitor/volunteer.

An introduction  email will be sent to each presenter and room monitor, so that the presenter and room monitor may connect and/or practice prior to the event date.

A Word On Internet Connectivity

The Accelevent platform, is similar to other web-based conferencing services,  in that it is 100% reliant upon the internet.

All attendees of the event; presenters, attendees and exhibitors will want to make sure that their internet connectivity/bandwidth is strong while participating in the event.

One tip to maximizing bandwidth during your presentation is to ensure that no other devices are utilizing your internet connection while you are presenting.

Reduce the use of devices such as t.v.’s, phones, and iPads that may be streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube etc., and/or video gaming systems or web-based games.

Please note, that a weak internet quality may results in poor video quality.

Accelevent How to Guides

Accelevents has several “how to guides” that are helpful in navigating their site and specific functionality for speakers .

Speaker How To: Click here to view.

Backstage How To: Click here to view.

In Session Polls Q&A Feature: Click here to learn more.

In Session Q&A Feature: Click here to learn more

How to Screen Share

First click on the Share screen button located on the right hand side. It appears as this icon:

From there a share options pop-up box will appear, select share Screen OR upload a file:

The Share Screen option is how you choose which screen on your computer you want to share.  If selected the pop-up box displayed below will appear. When it does  you will want to move your cursor over to Select Application Window.  This will display all windows that are currently open on your computer; click on window you want to share with the attendees.

The Upload File option will allow you to share powerpoint from a file, rather than as a window to share on your computer. Some may prefer to present this way as it allows you to maximize the PowerPoint without removing the presenter’s ability to see their screen.  Just remember, that if your powerpoint has any videos they will not play using this option.  You will want to use the share screen option if powerpoint has video.  Here is what this looks like in practice:

Screen Sharing Tips & More

If a MAC user, Make sure to adjust your computer setting to allow for screen sharing.

When sharing your screen, the presentation will be grayed out on your studio with the words Happy Sharing, but the attendees will see it clearly.

For attendee, presenter appears in the corner of the screen while screen sharing.  Please note, the presenter cannot see the attendee, but the attendees CAN see the presenter.

Presenters are encouraged to practice with both the sharing screen and upload file features to determine which one works best for them.

If possible, it is recommended that presenter to utilize two monitors OR use a monitor large enough to allow you to see multiple windows from one screen.  Click here to learn how you may be able to use your iPad as a second display monitor.


Co-Presenting Screen Share Tips for Lectures with More than One Presenter

Only one presenter at a time will be able to share their screen.

Each presenter will need to click on screen share button or the blue stop sharing button to stop sharing their screen.

.     OR           

Makes sure to connect with co-presenter(s) and have a practice run with the platform prior to the date of event.  Especially if having more than one lecture.