August 25-27, 2023
San Jose, California

Online Event Platform & Event Access

Accelevents is the online event platform will host the Virtual National Congress, and will serve as our “virtual convention center” for this years event.

If you are a current registrant, please check your email inbox for a registration confirmation from [email protected]  This email will provide you with the link to access the online event.

If you are a paid registrant and this email does not appear in your inbox,  check your spam folder.

If you you unable to locate your registration confirmation please email [email protected]

Click here for a full schedule of events.

Click here to access the virtual congress event hub.

Accelevent How To Guides

Accelevents has several “how to guides” that are helpful in navigating their site and specific functionality for attendees.

Intro to Virtual Events for Attendees. Click here to view.

Overview of the Virtual Event Attendee Experience. Click here to view.

Internet Connectivity

Please be advised that the Accelevent platform, is similar to other web-based conferencing services,  in that it is 100% reliant upon the internet.

All attendees of the event will want to make sure that their internet connectivity/bandwidth is strong while participating in the event.

One tip to maximizing bandwidth is to ensure that no other devices are utilizing your internet connection while you are participating in the event.

Reducing the the use of devices such as t.v.’s, phones, and iPads that may be streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube etc., and/or video gaming systems or web-based games can help.

Please note, that a weak internet quality may results in poor video quality.